Reviewing CANON Legria HF S21 High Definition Flash Camcorder

Author: Elizabeth Wills

Definition flash camcorder lets you see your world through stunning High
Definition eyes. Legria HF S21 is one of the most advanced dual flash memory
camcorder manufactured by Canon till date and features an exceptional 10x
optical zoom, 8 megapixel Full High Definition CMOS image sensor, HD video lens
and DIGIC DV III processor. The users can expect a guaranteed visual feast like
never before with the device! Also comprising a Dynamic Optical Image
Stabiliser and Powered Image Stabiliser, you will be treated to a steady,
professional picture at all times, even if you do suffer the occasional hand
Not only does the Legria
HF S21 High Definition Flash Camcorder boast a massive 64GB internal memory, it
also features dual SDHC too, giving you the option of recording onto memory
cards. The device is really simple to use, thanks to its Smart Auto and touch screen
technologies. There is a Custom Key option the gadget that allows you to make
shortcuts to your most frequently used features. Look no further than the Canon
Legria HF S21 High Definition Flash Camcorder and be ready to get results that
will truly take your breath away.
The camcorder comes equipped
with numerous useful and sophisticated features such as Video Capture Sensor
(in pixels), 1/2.6 type CMOS 8.59 megapixel Media, 64 GB internal flash memory,
SDHC cards Viewfinder, 3.5 inches widescreen, Multiangle Vivid LCD Sensitivity,
approx. 0.3 lux (Low Light Mode), 10x optical zoom, 200x / 40x selectable digital
zoom, image stabiliser, and auto focus. The
25p film-like setting adds shooting versatility and produces high-end visuals.
The dual
SDHC slots of CANON Legria HF S21 make it possible to
record the video clippings to memory cards. The relay recording feature automatically
detects when one storage medium is full and the device automatically switches recording
to the other. There is a microphone input and a headphone jack incorporated within
a Canon LEGRIA HF S21 along with a configurable Mic Attenuator compensates for
sudden volume changes.
Legria HF S21 is not
a compact camcorder but the delivers superior results. Users can also tweak,
change and play with features to better serve the type of images they want to
create. This device does not fall into the category of cheap cameras and is very
sophisticated that requires time and dedication to create the best results. It is
recommended for the professionals as beginners or casual users may find it a
bit complicated.
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04/04/2011 15:39

I am seriously one click away from ordering the Canon HF S21 with bundle off of Ebay, but I am waiting for the Canon XA10 to finally hit the market so can compare it to the S21 and the Canon HF S30.

Do you have any insightcon these cameras?

04/28/2011 20:45

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