By: Ella McGinley

A digital SLR camera is not a cheap purchase so you need to put some thought into buying one, but what information do you need to make an informed decision?  Here are some tips on how to select a digital SLR camera.

First of all, check out some of the major brands and make a list of all their features.  If you don't understand the terminology, you can look it up on the internet but here are a few common terms:

SLR - single lens reflex.  This means that the camera has a mirror behind the lens which directs the light in such a way that the lens has different focal lengths.

Megapixels - the number of light pixels within a given space.  A higher number of megapixels equals sharper focused images.

Sensor - the bigger the better in terms of quality images as the sensor uses light to create a digital image format.

Decide which of these features you actually need; this may depend on the type of photography you're going to do.  Some cameras will be better suited to landscape photography and others to portraits or close-ups.  Consider whether you use flash a lot or other artificial light sources.  If you take action shots you'll need a camera with a fast continuous drive.  This means that the photo will be taken the minute you put your finger on the shutter and continue until you remove your finger.

Compare prices but ultimately, you may want to sacrifice price for features.  That will depend on your budget and reasons for wanting to know how to select a digital SLR camera.  If you've set your heart on a specific camera, shop around - there are deals to be found.

Visit Amazon, the online store.  They carry a wide range of digital cameras and they publish customer reviews.  These are really useful because anyone who can be bothered to write a review obviously has strong feelings on the subject.  Very often the reviews go into great detail about the camera and will tell you more than just reading the publicity.  

I checked out the first camera that came up when I put digital slr cameras into the search box.  There were 240 customer reviews and while I only read the first couple, they discussed individual highlights of the camera and pinpointed disadvantages as well as expressing an opinion as to value for money.

If you want to know how to select a digital SLR camera, then look no further than Amazon for great information and feedback.

About the Author
Jim Barton is an experienced photographer who wants to share what he knows about digital photography. For more on how to select a digital SLR camera, visit Jim's Digital Photography website.


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