Duke Nukem- The king of shooting

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Duke Nukem is one of the big names in the gaming industry. The charismatic character savior of scantily clad girls and aliens pisacráneos returns to the fray after a long slumber. Remember why this character right in 2011 and his adventures are raising expectations. Why are molando.
Duke Nukem is the king of shooters, and his return means the most anticipated game of the 2011. From history, if possible. All items for the bad play more good in the world of electronic entertainment industry, who after taking some more than deserved, even some short-break, will definitely burden the month of May. Duke Nukem Forever will be the eternal shooter that will change everything. Since it can not be otherwise ... all this does not tell us, forcing us to say. Because he is the boss here. We are just messengers, as it says in Intenret-only king who is also Duke.
"Does the new Duke game is good? Yes it is. P *** But twelve years later you can be. " The trailer for Forever, the latest foray of this franchise is aware that the wait has been long, and so What is remarkable about this quotation. Exceedances when it comes to powerful people never know how much to take, and in this case the months went by and the years and the King did not appear. His long vacation ended with 3D Realms, a company that announced Duke Nukem Forever in 1997 and finally closed finally in 2009. During those years, the problem occurs if you stop with engine problems between creative graphic switched to Unreal Engine, resignations and changes in the team.
When the company began closing came just Duke, cigar in mouth, wondering what was going on there. And just met the Gearbox, who convinced him to continue the project Duke Nukem Forever. A game that seemed to stand still, the years passed and left only a new catch and finally pulled ahead. Although fears of the users, for whom the myth of the game with more delays in the world could not come to an end some day make video games, going on sale. Both the developer and put the machinery 2K 100% to recover the project and make something great. Something to match the character and franchise.
"Hehe, why mess." One of the classic Duke phrases that comes in handy at what's to come. The developer has described the departure of Forever May 6 as the time who have been waiting for all the fans, a return that will be "epic, be part of the history of video games." Something they are not decisive, but it is up to the mark for many years decided to break so irreverent and politically incorrect in the world of videogames. 2K Games is so convinced of the success of new product that's coming out is also convincing users, some of which even came to lose hope before the king of shooters. Nothing that a signal-in this case reveal trailer, can not rectify.
Despite all this turmoil, generated in part by the brand itself and partly by the desert road turtuoso Duke Nukem Forever, the fact is that the question is: why Duke Nukem is molando? Has been so long since his last start, especially if we want to trace the spirit of the brand with Duke Nukem 3D. It is time to remember what has this hero, this universe and this way of understanding the game. Maybe it's all much simpler than it seems. Much more primary. Surely there lies one of the secrets of their success. But someone who has Guile's hair, wearing sunglasses and a cigar in his mouth harbors many more aces up his sleeve.
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