Art photography is a recently new form of art that has just started to become incredibly popular over the last couple of years as the advancements in digital photography has jumped a level or two. So what is art photography? Basically it's just a form of picture taking that is rendered in a certain way to reflect something 'arty' and that also has some kind of hidden meaning behind it that makes it more special than just a normal everyday photograph.

Many people refer art photography to pictorialism, which then intern means the method of constructing a picture keeping in mind that the picture take must be a form of art or can be turned into a art piece later using computer related technology. In fact this method of taking photos ceased to exist for quite sometime when important artists came to believe that more emphasis was being placed on design rather than on the picture.

With digital work, art photography is becoming more prevalent nowadays and, with the help of a computer, certain effects can be deliberately achieved so photographs can be made to look like an oil painting or as pastel, but this is governed mainly by the expertise of the photographer's own abilities.

Buying art photography at a gallery is relatively a simple task and with the advent of online art photography galleries, buyers can locate photographs that best suit their individual desires and tastes without the need of commuting or attending art exhibitions. Art photography is basically art that is creative, more so when it is visually aesthetic and is mostly appreciated for a having lots of imaginative and intellectual content.

There are two types of cameras that a photographer chooses to use, manual and automatic. The photos are processed by hand and only experienced printers have the ability to make sure the photo is not damaged and comes out perfect in the end.

Many photographers choose to take black and white photos for their art photography as they believe that they can play on more emotions that have the ability to affect the human psyche in a more effective manner. However those photographers who tend to use more color in their photos believe the opposite is true that in fact color has the ability to create more emotions and inevitably stir more senses in the brain that black and white could ever achieve. If you are starting out in the world of art photography than it's best to implement both(perhaps in the same photos if possible)

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By: Ella McGinley

A digital SLR camera is not a cheap purchase so you need to put some thought into buying one, but what information do you need to make an informed decision?  Here are some tips on how to select a digital SLR camera.

First of all, check out some of the major brands and make a list of all their features.  If you don't understand the terminology, you can look it up on the internet but here are a few common terms:

SLR - single lens reflex.  This means that the camera has a mirror behind the lens which directs the light in such a way that the lens has different focal lengths.

Megapixels - the number of light pixels within a given space.  A higher number of megapixels equals sharper focused images.

Sensor - the bigger the better in terms of quality images as the sensor uses light to create a digital image format.

Decide which of these features you actually need; this may depend on the type of photography you're going to do.  Some cameras will be better suited to landscape photography and others to portraits or close-ups.  Consider whether you use flash a lot or other artificial light sources.  If you take action shots you'll need a camera with a fast continuous drive.  This means that the photo will be taken the minute you put your finger on the shutter and continue until you remove your finger.

Compare prices but ultimately, you may want to sacrifice price for features.  That will depend on your budget and reasons for wanting to know how to select a digital SLR camera.  If you've set your heart on a specific camera, shop around - there are deals to be found.

Visit Amazon, the online store.  They carry a wide range of digital cameras and they publish customer reviews.  These are really useful because anyone who can be bothered to write a review obviously has strong feelings on the subject.  Very often the reviews go into great detail about the camera and will tell you more than just reading the publicity.  

I checked out the first camera that came up when I put digital slr cameras into the search box.  There were 240 customer reviews and while I only read the first couple, they discussed individual highlights of the camera and pinpointed disadvantages as well as expressing an opinion as to value for money.

If you want to know how to select a digital SLR camera, then look no further than Amazon for great information and feedback.

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By: Tommy Tucker | Posted: Aug 01, 2011 Did you ever see a tremendous photo but could never work out the way it was shot? What if you would like to have the skill to create photos just like the picture you have seen? I'm talking about photos that make people take a second look and marvel at thhat picture. when they see them. Pictures so good and brilliant that many people will be awestruck, gobsmacked, and amazed.

Obviously, not just anyone can take a great picture. That is where Evan Sharboneau comes in. If he have not heard of him, he is popularly known as the "PhotoExtremist". He is known as Vlue on DeviantART and TheVlue on Flickr. He has just finished compiling a ebook that explains the techniques what the most beneficial photographers use to create staggering images. Within this e-book he will show all the techniques you need and demonstrate exactly how toget the results you want, and he will be with you every step of the way. 

To anyone who wants to be a great trick photographer, this ebook is just what you need. It includes over 190 pages of incructional information with over 300 breath taking photos taken by talented trick photographers and special effects artists from across the world for absolute admiration and inspiration. The entire e-book has chapters and sub-chapters, and this is specified in an easy-to-undrestand format. 

Lets take a sneek peek of the three modules you will be having.

The first module is Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting. This module hardly requires Photoshop; most of the skills you learn in this module will be done only with your own DSLR camera. In this module, you learn how to take photos in different light settings using different lighting techniques.

The second module is Trick Photography and Special Effects. Here is when you start to use Photoshop for your photos. In this module, you start to  create mind-blowing suggestions and optical illusion techniques that add drama and surreal creativity for your images. Learn special effects like the optical illusions, spiral images, electrical orbes, glowing fireworks, and many more. 

The third and final module is the Photoshop Projects. As you can see, this module deals entirely with Photoshop. You are able to follow and the tools are super easy to use. You'll discover how to create shocking images. Stuff like creating multiple people everywhere at the same time, making the "invisible man", and seeing a person levitate high off the ground, and how to make your face into various objetcs. And if you don't have Photoshop, Evan will show you where you can get it for a very low price.

If you want to get Trick Photography And Special Effects now, you can go to Evans homepage right here. Once you order his ebook, will immediately have access to all the wonderful things he will teach you. Enjoy using Trick Photography And Special Effects today!

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High resolution images and its effectiveness

Author: reetikagupta

Images provide
valuable credentials in the presentation, study and other important tasks.
However, the quality, amount and accuracy of the data contained in an image
vary based on the resolution of the camera used. High resolution images give the best look and appearance in for
your content, presentation, websites and many more tasks. So, the image with
high resolution will prove to be really helpful in making your stories, content,
and websites much livelier and attractive. The quality of the image depends
upon its resolution, quality of the camera lens and the pixels.
An image is
made up of thousands or millions of individual dots of colour, called pixels.
An image with a resolution of 1280 x 800 is made up of 800 rows of 1280 pixels
or just over a mega pixel. A Resolution is a measure of how many pixels an
image contains. An image with a higher resolution that is an image with more pixels
contains more information than an image with a lower resolution.
Normally, more
resolution is better. High resolution
images shows a theme in more detail and can reveal the fine features that a
lower resolution picture wouldn't show. This is why, it is always suggested that
photography is best handled by cameras with high mega pixel ratings.
A few
instructions on how to create high
resolution images
Creating high resolution images is simple and
easy if you have the correct tools. Whether you use a digital camera, scanner
or piece of computer software will speak how high the resolution could be.
The first step
is to consult the user manual for your camera to decide how to modify the
quality of images. This will take up more space on your memory card but it
makes sure that you are producing the highest quality pictures possible.
After reading
the manual thoroughly the next step is to open your scanner software on your
computer. There should be a setting called either "Quality" or
"Resolution." At times, you only have the options for high, medium or
low quality, while other times you can change the Dots per Inch (dpi) to a
number value. You should also have the alternative to change the colour. You
should always have concern about technological aspects so as to make the
quality of image better and appealing. For this purpose, you have to be
cautious while scanning text or a simple black-and-white line drawing, your dpi
should be set to 1,200, and your colour settings should be set at 1-bit or
black and white. If you are scanning an image that is numerous diverse shades
of black, your colour settings should be greyscale, and dpi should be a minimum
of 600. When doing full colour, set your colours to as many as you can
(sometimes going up to 8 million, but CMYK is fine, too), and resolution should
be a minimum of 300. This will guarantee that you get the best quality and high
resolution image so as to make your content look attractive and eye-catchy. If
you are setting your resolution any higher than the normal range then it can
create strange and weird images.
It is always advisable to use a professional
graphics program like Adobe Photoshop. It will be easier for you if you use
professional software’s, as they are user-friendly. While using Adobe Photoshop
you firstly have to create a new file and afterwards when the image dialog box
pops up, ensure that your values under resolution are set to 300 pixels per
inch or higher.
Lastly, change
your print settings to get the highest quality output. Press the print button,
and go into your settings. Look for an option for print or image quality and
change it to best. Try all your other options to see if you can give your print
a numerical value for resolution. After all the technological settings you can
achieve your high resolution images.
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Water Proof Cameras to your Summer Holidays

Author: Don Sleeth

Nicely Summer season is sort of here once more and if your family is something like mine then you'll spend lots of time operating backwards and forwards to the lakes or beaches in your area. With that being mentioned, how many occasions have you bought either a digital camera alongside or even purchased one of the manual cameras? I am unable to let you know what number of instances over time when i was utilizing one of many cheaper digital cameras that i had purchased whereas on a ship and even simply messing round on the seaside that i ended up dropping it into the water or even the sand. Like most electronics neither of those things actually assist the camera. lol... I've even went as far as purchase these little manual waterproof cameras only to search out out that after utilizing them all day in and out of the water when i take the camera in to get the movie developed about half the time the camera is ruined because of something entering into the casing. Over the years i've lost so many treasured family moments as a consequence of this. They're moments I'll never be capable to get back or change and as my memory fades those moments they turn out to be lost forever.
Effectively no more. I finally did some reach on the Internet and found many by no means and higher options for waterproof cameras to take on my vacations. And the nicest factor about this is that its a very cheaper various that ruining that six or seven hundred greenback digital camera that you bought for Christmas. And even these cheap handbook waterproof cameras that you may buy at Walmart for fifteen to twenty dollars a pop. Now you can purchase HD waterproof digital cameras for anywhere from 100 and fifty dollars to 4 hundred dollars and by no means have to worry again about your more expensive digital camera or a budget waterproof manual camera.
Over the few years I have examined several of the waterproof digital cameras from FujiFilm, Panasonic, Pentax, and Canon. And let me inform you not all of them are created equal. Some can be used only at sure depths whereas others have a weak battery life. So If your really fascinated with a waterproof camera make sure you do some good analysis on them. For example the Canon Powershot D10 is rated to be waterproof as much as 33 feet which makes it great for snorkeling and some shallow diving. Whereas the Pentax Optio W90 12.1 MP is barely rated for about 20 feet for being waterproof. The Fujifilm FinePix XP30 14 MP Waterproof Digital Camera can only do 14 feet. So that you see they are not all created equal.
In closing ensure you take a look at the small print of those waterproof cameras and purchase it based upon sound info in addition to what your wants are. I personally now take the Pentax everywhere I am going on vacation. Its a nice and transportable and has wonderful picture high quality and good vast angle optical zoom on it.
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Pet Portrait and Dog Art Online

Author: Ollie Morrow

Would you like to buy Dog Art yourself or being a gift on the table? What different types of dog art can be found, and also at what price? Should you be looking for dog art unconditionally, this article will analyse the different options open to you and reveal how to locate it, from the highest quality original paintings to the cheapest art prints.
When searching for original art or art prints today, the first thing to remember is to use the internet. The net has completely changed the way in which we buy products, including art. Artists are now able to reach a national and also international audience where previously they were limited to finding buyers within their geographic area. Similarly buyers looking to discover the perfect painting or art print can watch and select from a massive selection online, and also this is to should start.
There are many methods to buy art online, from eBay to Artists' own websites. It all depends upon what precisely you are looking for. There are lots of options available, from a genuine oil painting of your pet from a photo you supply, to produced in higher quantities art prints of the dog. Lets analyse your options further.
Your puppy:
The first and priciest option in the event you really desire your own personal dog inside the art, as well as the most sought after, is always to provide an original oil or acrylic or watercolour painting commissioned. Normally this just mandates that you produce a clear photograph of one's pet to the artist, and choose which from the standard sizes you're looking for. Note however that as a result of time that it takes to get a painting to be completed, plus permitting paint drying time, an authentic painting can take weeks or months to accomplish.
The second choice is to produce your best photo to 1 of the "digital" art services, who'll digitally filter and alter the photo so that it has been painted. This could be not expensive but is usually unconvincing, and it is my least preferable option.
Generic dog art:
In case you are not specifically hunting for a painting or print of the specific dog including your own pet, but are wanting for the dog breed and colour, your alternatives are greater. Many artists create paintings of numerous breeds of dogs and in addition to selling the initial paintings to buyers, they also sell top quality prints with the paintings in a suprisingly low cost. Sometimes these prints are limited in number to make certain some exclusivity, but generally if you are looking for spectacular dog art a print are frequently the best choice, and in many cases pet owners cannot believe the dog within the print just isn't theirs. The art is normally printed on high quality watercolor paper or canvas, and is challenging to distinguish from an authentic. Some artists will even personalise the print using a particular pet name if requested.
As well as selling original paintings and prints some artists also sell other products which display their dog art images, such as clothing and t-shirts, coffee mugs, calenders etc. Exactly the same images they use for art prints are printed onto many popular objects and clothing, and will be popular gifts. Many artists offer a reverse phone lookup on the websites alongside their original art and prints.
With all the vast choice available on the net today, you can be virtually guaranteed that the perfect dog art product are available.
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Digital Cameras For Kids

Author: Reynaldo Case

Digital Cameras For Kids reviews are abundant not just on the net but also within the newspapers, magazines and also Tv shows.
We typically wonder why most youngsters digital cameras evaluations always praise every one of the digital camera out inside the market place, that’s why we find yourself obtaining confused on which product to purchase or get our loved ones.
Here’s 1 point you ought to in no way trust regarding children digital cameras evaluations - never ever trust press releases or reviews which can be directly from the manufacturer or marketing office that is directly connected with producer from the digital camera. Why?! Effectively simply because these digital cameras for kids reviews are by no means too truthful, or they just give out the very good points about their merchandise. I mean, what would you expect, supposing you very own your own line of digital cameras and to increase your sales, you release digital camera critiques about your goods. Not surprisingly you wouldn’t point out the bad things or the glitches of your product inside your digital camera evaluations, mainly because that way you may never ever be capable of shoot up your sales. Press releases or kids digital cameras reviews from manufacturer are always half-truths. Haven’t you had any knowledge with that?! I mean, that just does not go for digital camera, don't forget that brush-blower thingy that you simply purchased more than the web that says it would operate tremendously for your hair, but ended not working for your hair immediately after all. Press releases are press releases, meaning that they're aimed to obtain people to buy the item or to give the product a better name.
On a lot more point that you simply can under no circumstances fully trust are home purchasing networks and advertisements. As significantly as press releases, they pretty a lot pose exactly the same claims about their items. But hey, do not trust me, you may usually get them and return them following proving to your self that it does not work. Under no circumstances thoughts the time and effort that you’ve wasted, you chose to listen to a half-truth digital camera assessment, that’s what you get for that.
The very best digital cameras for kids evaluations readily available are these discovered in specialty magazines (computer based and technical magazines), special websites catering to techie stuff and unofficial digital camera reviews. Why?! Effectively because! Simply because these digital camera critiques are always truthful. These reviewers and critics are never afraid to list down the great as much as the bad points of digital cameras. These children digital cameras reviews normally points out the distinction in between the products that a specific manufacturer has released and how it's worse or better than the prior one particular. These reviewers and critics are also knowledgeable in their craft, so its say to safe to say that they know what they may be speaking about in terms of digital camera critiques. A single a lot more point, the majority of the time, these digital camera evaluations are actual very first hand experience with the product itself and not just some advertising agent asked to come up with flowery words to capture you and your wallet.
An additional very best source for digital cameras for kids assessment is a single which you can write oneself. And how can you do that?! Obviously, you 1st need to have to purchase your own digital camera, try it out and evaluate almost everything which you do with it towards the items that it claims to be. (be careful to study the specs, alternatives and attributes that you simply want to attempt out, be on the lookout for words like weatherproof, meaning that they are splash resistant as to waterproof which can be water resistant. You do not want to get your newly bought weatherproof camera wet, just to prove to your self that the points they claim aren't real). Following executing so, you then can write your personal digital camera evaluation or evaluations, based on how numerous factors you’ve discovered from your digital camera. Make sure you indicate that your assessment is an on-hand expertise with the item and not just some wild guess.
By far the most honest digital cameras for kids reviews are the most effective reviews you'll be able to look for and trust. Anyway, you are able to constantly call client center or return your digital camera if they do not live as much as their claims.
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How To Find Low Cost Digital Camera Deals

Author: Elizabeth Wills

Gone are the days when digital cameras were considered to
be luxury items and were meant only for the rich. Today, the technology has
made it possible to lower the cost of gadgets and gizmos while preserving their
high end and superior features. Digital cameras are no exception and today one
can very easy find cheap camera models from all leading brands. These units
come only with a low price tag and can amaze anybody with their excellent
output and great performance.
There are numerous models of cheap digital cameras available
in the market today which help the consumers in fulfilling their photography needs.
If you are also looking for an affordable model with a low price tag, the
Internet may be the best place for you. There are several websites on the web
that provide the price comparision of the latest offers available on the cheap
camera models. The range of these cameras starts at prices as low as £20. All
the leading brands, such as Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Panasonic, Philips, Sony,
Samsung, and Olympus, offer low cost models with fairly good features and
It is true that the models with a price tag of as low as
£20 cannot match the features offered by a high end and full featured camera,
but these are good enough for general purpose use. For professional usage, many
advanced models with high end features are also available. To buy these
cameras, you can log on to an online price comparision portal where the price
comparision chart of the latest offers on models from all leading brands is
displayed. You can also compare the features of these cameras at these
websites, which further help you in selecting the most suitable unit for
yourself that can meet all your requirements. Many of these websites also
provide the unbiased review of the popular models with user ratings. All these
things help you in selecting the best model and the most cost effective deal
for yourself so that you can get the maximum value of your money.
The offers compare at these comparision websites are
provided by the well known and trustworthy electronic retailers. If you are
looking for a cheap camera with optimum features such as a flash unit, good
picture resolution, and an effective zoom lens, it is advisable to go for digital
cameras that fall within £50 and £100 price range. These should be good enough
to yield satisfactory results.
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Kodak EasyShare Slice Compact Digital Camera

Author: Elizabeth Wills

If you are searching a
truly pocketable camera with loads of style, the black Kodak EasyShare Slice compact
digital camera might be the right choice for you. This interesting device is a 14
megapixel camera and sports a large 3.5 inch touch screen LCD display for
intuitive and responsive operation. The unit is fronted by a 5x
SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH zoom lens with optical image stabilisation feature. With a
35mm equivalent focal length of 28-140mm, there is ample scope to capture
anything from a wide-angle landscape picture to close-up portraits of your
family and friends.
Taking great photos is
easy with this attractive, slim and sleek camera and the wide selection of
scene modes as well as a Smart Capture Mode of the device lets you concentrate
purely on the picture. Face Detection technology and Face Recognition
technology are also included in the Kodak easyshare Slice cameras. The Face
Recognition feature ingeniously recognising faces in your photos and tags each
picture so you can quickly locate specific people in your library.
Another fantastic
feature of the Kodak EasyShare Slice is the SLICE album which uses 2GB of
dedicated internal memory to store up to 5000HD resolution photos. Your
original high resolution JPEG files are written to microSD and microSDHC memory
cards. The Kodak EasyShare Slice can also produce 720p high definition video
with sound. All of this technology and more is squeezed into a svelte body
which measures only 17mm thick.
The optical lens offers
a focal length of 6.3 - 31.5 mm and optical zoom of 5x. There is also an LCD touchscreen
viewfinder with anti-reflective coating. The shutter comes with a self-timer with
smart capture and settings exposure modes. The unit comes with 2GB of dedicated
internal memory for HD images (original files stored to memory card), intelligent
scene detection, intelligent capture control, and intelligent image processing
High ISO mode features.
The one button upload
feature of the device allows you to capture the images and upload them to
various social networking websites instantly and quickly. By pressing its share
button, you can tag the pictures easily and share them with your Internet
friends by uploading them directly to the KODAK Gallery and other social
networking sites such as YouTube, facebook, and Flickr. You can also carry your
pictures anywhere and everywhere with a Kodak easyshare Slice and the built-in
photo album of the device lets you view and organize the portable versions of
your entire photo collection via the bright and vibrant touch screen display.
The Kodak EasyShare
Slice is more than just a camera. It’s a whole new way of capturing and sharing
the special moments of your life.
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Author: David Butcher.

The best and fastest way to learn photography from the scratch, or improve on your already acquired photography skills is to take a photography course. Photography courses are very flexible, so that you can embark on learning photography online from the comfort of your home, and at your own pace; it is also cheaper to learn photography online than the conventional learning methods.

Inexperienced photographers are often frustrated and disappointed with the outcome of their shots. This frustration comes as a result of being initially carried away by the outcome of the images or pictures produced by the SLR camera; this is particularly true if the photographer in question has just upgraded from a compact camera. There’s always an urge to enhance picture quality to pro levels as soon as someone starts producing DSLR quality pictures. However, amateur photographers do not usually realize that production of professional level pictures with most DSLR cameras is not dependent on the camera but on the photographer.

You can take great shots with a DSLR camera; but you need to learn to go beyond shooting with the automatic mode to put the camera into its full capacity. Using a camera in an automatic mode is equivalent to having it in its configured software state. Your eye is two times sensitive as the sensor of a camera. This accounts for our ability to view exact picture of the world around, and the reason for the significantly increased poor outcome of images when the automatic mode is used.

Therefore, whether you are just starting photography or learning to master digital photography, one of the most excellent ways to go about it is to take a photography course. These courses are flexibly packaged to suit your schedule and budget. You can learn photography online sitting at your home and still achieve the same or even better result as someone learning photography conventionally.

Photography Techniques are Acquired through Learning

Although you can take better photographs now (thanks to digital camera age), there is still need to acquire good photography techniques through learning. This is the best way you can get steady quality results with your photography profession. You can decide to be doing point and shoot, and get hopeful that the outcome will be pleasant. But, is it not better to acquire permanent techniques that will ensure that you achieve best shots always without speculating the outcome of your shots? Understanding basic photography techniques is the assured way to achieving amazing shots and entering into glamour photography.

Being armed with the right photography techniques has an added advantage of putting you in control of the shots always, so that you can reproduce best shots repeatedly. Lighting techniques in photography is an important aspect of photography that you must get right; it helps in determining the quality of your shots.

If you are just starting photography, or trying to get more skilful in digital photography or general photography, it is highly recommended that you take a photography course.

David Butcher is the author of this article on Digital Photography.
  Find more information on Learning Photography Online here.

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