Art photography is a recently new form of art that has just started to become incredibly popular over the last couple of years as the advancements in digital photography has jumped a level or two. So what is art photography? Basically it's just a form of picture taking that is rendered in a certain way to reflect something 'arty' and that also has some kind of hidden meaning behind it that makes it more special than just a normal everyday photograph.

Many people refer art photography to pictorialism, which then intern means the method of constructing a picture keeping in mind that the picture take must be a form of art or can be turned into a art piece later using computer related technology. In fact this method of taking photos ceased to exist for quite sometime when important artists came to believe that more emphasis was being placed on design rather than on the picture.

With digital work, art photography is becoming more prevalent nowadays and, with the help of a computer, certain effects can be deliberately achieved so photographs can be made to look like an oil painting or as pastel, but this is governed mainly by the expertise of the photographer's own abilities.

Buying art photography at a gallery is relatively a simple task and with the advent of online art photography galleries, buyers can locate photographs that best suit their individual desires and tastes without the need of commuting or attending art exhibitions. Art photography is basically art that is creative, more so when it is visually aesthetic and is mostly appreciated for a having lots of imaginative and intellectual content.

There are two types of cameras that a photographer chooses to use, manual and automatic. The photos are processed by hand and only experienced printers have the ability to make sure the photo is not damaged and comes out perfect in the end.

Many photographers choose to take black and white photos for their art photography as they believe that they can play on more emotions that have the ability to affect the human psyche in a more effective manner. However those photographers who tend to use more color in their photos believe the opposite is true that in fact color has the ability to create more emotions and inevitably stir more senses in the brain that black and white could ever achieve. If you are starting out in the world of art photography than it's best to implement both(perhaps in the same photos if possible)

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By: Ella McGinley

A digital SLR camera is not a cheap purchase so you need to put some thought into buying one, but what information do you need to make an informed decision?  Here are some tips on how to select a digital SLR camera.

First of all, check out some of the major brands and make a list of all their features.  If you don't understand the terminology, you can look it up on the internet but here are a few common terms:

SLR - single lens reflex.  This means that the camera has a mirror behind the lens which directs the light in such a way that the lens has different focal lengths.

Megapixels - the number of light pixels within a given space.  A higher number of megapixels equals sharper focused images.

Sensor - the bigger the better in terms of quality images as the sensor uses light to create a digital image format.

Decide which of these features you actually need; this may depend on the type of photography you're going to do.  Some cameras will be better suited to landscape photography and others to portraits or close-ups.  Consider whether you use flash a lot or other artificial light sources.  If you take action shots you'll need a camera with a fast continuous drive.  This means that the photo will be taken the minute you put your finger on the shutter and continue until you remove your finger.

Compare prices but ultimately, you may want to sacrifice price for features.  That will depend on your budget and reasons for wanting to know how to select a digital SLR camera.  If you've set your heart on a specific camera, shop around - there are deals to be found.

Visit Amazon, the online store.  They carry a wide range of digital cameras and they publish customer reviews.  These are really useful because anyone who can be bothered to write a review obviously has strong feelings on the subject.  Very often the reviews go into great detail about the camera and will tell you more than just reading the publicity.  

I checked out the first camera that came up when I put digital slr cameras into the search box.  There were 240 customer reviews and while I only read the first couple, they discussed individual highlights of the camera and pinpointed disadvantages as well as expressing an opinion as to value for money.

If you want to know how to select a digital SLR camera, then look no further than Amazon for great information and feedback.

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By: Tommy Tucker | Posted: Aug 01, 2011 Did you ever see a tremendous photo but could never work out the way it was shot? What if you would like to have the skill to create photos just like the picture you have seen? I'm talking about photos that make people take a second look and marvel at thhat picture. when they see them. Pictures so good and brilliant that many people will be awestruck, gobsmacked, and amazed.

Obviously, not just anyone can take a great picture. That is where Evan Sharboneau comes in. If he have not heard of him, he is popularly known as the "PhotoExtremist". He is known as Vlue on DeviantART and TheVlue on Flickr. He has just finished compiling a ebook that explains the techniques what the most beneficial photographers use to create staggering images. Within this e-book he will show all the techniques you need and demonstrate exactly how toget the results you want, and he will be with you every step of the way. 

To anyone who wants to be a great trick photographer, this ebook is just what you need. It includes over 190 pages of incructional information with over 300 breath taking photos taken by talented trick photographers and special effects artists from across the world for absolute admiration and inspiration. The entire e-book has chapters and sub-chapters, and this is specified in an easy-to-undrestand format. 

Lets take a sneek peek of the three modules you will be having.

The first module is Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting. This module hardly requires Photoshop; most of the skills you learn in this module will be done only with your own DSLR camera. In this module, you learn how to take photos in different light settings using different lighting techniques.

The second module is Trick Photography and Special Effects. Here is when you start to use Photoshop for your photos. In this module, you start to  create mind-blowing suggestions and optical illusion techniques that add drama and surreal creativity for your images. Learn special effects like the optical illusions, spiral images, electrical orbes, glowing fireworks, and many more. 

The third and final module is the Photoshop Projects. As you can see, this module deals entirely with Photoshop. You are able to follow and the tools are super easy to use. You'll discover how to create shocking images. Stuff like creating multiple people everywhere at the same time, making the "invisible man", and seeing a person levitate high off the ground, and how to make your face into various objetcs. And if you don't have Photoshop, Evan will show you where you can get it for a very low price.

If you want to get Trick Photography And Special Effects now, you can go to Evans homepage right here. Once you order his ebook, will immediately have access to all the wonderful things he will teach you. Enjoy using Trick Photography And Special Effects today!

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