Kodak EasyShare Slice Compact Digital Camera

Author: Elizabeth Wills

If you are searching a
truly pocketable camera with loads of style, the black Kodak EasyShare Slice compact
digital camera might be the right choice for you. This interesting device is a 14
megapixel camera and sports a large 3.5 inch touch screen LCD display for
intuitive and responsive operation. The unit is fronted by a 5x
SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH zoom lens with optical image stabilisation feature. With a
35mm equivalent focal length of 28-140mm, there is ample scope to capture
anything from a wide-angle landscape picture to close-up portraits of your
family and friends.
Taking great photos is
easy with this attractive, slim and sleek camera and the wide selection of
scene modes as well as a Smart Capture Mode of the device lets you concentrate
purely on the picture. Face Detection technology and Face Recognition
technology are also included in the Kodak easyshare Slice cameras. The Face
Recognition feature ingeniously recognising faces in your photos and tags each
picture so you can quickly locate specific people in your library.
Another fantastic
feature of the Kodak EasyShare Slice is the SLICE album which uses 2GB of
dedicated internal memory to store up to 5000HD resolution photos. Your
original high resolution JPEG files are written to microSD and microSDHC memory
cards. The Kodak EasyShare Slice can also produce 720p high definition video
with sound. All of this technology and more is squeezed into a svelte body
which measures only 17mm thick.
The optical lens offers
a focal length of 6.3 - 31.5 mm and optical zoom of 5x. There is also an LCD touchscreen
viewfinder with anti-reflective coating. The shutter comes with a self-timer with
smart capture and settings exposure modes. The unit comes with 2GB of dedicated
internal memory for HD images (original files stored to memory card), intelligent
scene detection, intelligent capture control, and intelligent image processing
High ISO mode features.
The one button upload
feature of the device allows you to capture the images and upload them to
various social networking websites instantly and quickly. By pressing its share
button, you can tag the pictures easily and share them with your Internet
friends by uploading them directly to the KODAK Gallery and other social
networking sites such as YouTube, facebook, and Flickr. You can also carry your
pictures anywhere and everywhere with a Kodak easyshare Slice and the built-in
photo album of the device lets you view and organize the portable versions of
your entire photo collection via the bright and vibrant touch screen display.
The Kodak EasyShare
Slice is more than just a camera. It’s a whole new way of capturing and sharing
the special moments of your life.
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Author: David Butcher.

The best and fastest way to learn photography from the scratch, or improve on your already acquired photography skills is to take a photography course. Photography courses are very flexible, so that you can embark on learning photography online from the comfort of your home, and at your own pace; it is also cheaper to learn photography online than the conventional learning methods.

Inexperienced photographers are often frustrated and disappointed with the outcome of their shots. This frustration comes as a result of being initially carried away by the outcome of the images or pictures produced by the SLR camera; this is particularly true if the photographer in question has just upgraded from a compact camera. There’s always an urge to enhance picture quality to pro levels as soon as someone starts producing DSLR quality pictures. However, amateur photographers do not usually realize that production of professional level pictures with most DSLR cameras is not dependent on the camera but on the photographer.

You can take great shots with a DSLR camera; but you need to learn to go beyond shooting with the automatic mode to put the camera into its full capacity. Using a camera in an automatic mode is equivalent to having it in its configured software state. Your eye is two times sensitive as the sensor of a camera. This accounts for our ability to view exact picture of the world around, and the reason for the significantly increased poor outcome of images when the automatic mode is used.

Therefore, whether you are just starting photography or learning to master digital photography, one of the most excellent ways to go about it is to take a photography course. These courses are flexibly packaged to suit your schedule and budget. You can learn photography online sitting at your home and still achieve the same or even better result as someone learning photography conventionally.

Photography Techniques are Acquired through Learning

Although you can take better photographs now (thanks to digital camera age), there is still need to acquire good photography techniques through learning. This is the best way you can get steady quality results with your photography profession. You can decide to be doing point and shoot, and get hopeful that the outcome will be pleasant. But, is it not better to acquire permanent techniques that will ensure that you achieve best shots always without speculating the outcome of your shots? Understanding basic photography techniques is the assured way to achieving amazing shots and entering into glamour photography.

Being armed with the right photography techniques has an added advantage of putting you in control of the shots always, so that you can reproduce best shots repeatedly. Lighting techniques in photography is an important aspect of photography that you must get right; it helps in determining the quality of your shots.

If you are just starting photography, or trying to get more skilful in digital photography or general photography, it is highly recommended that you take a photography course.

David Butcher is the author of this article on Digital Photography.
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Reviewing CANON Legria HF S21 High Definition Flash Camcorder

Author: Elizabeth Wills

Definition flash camcorder lets you see your world through stunning High
Definition eyes. Legria HF S21 is one of the most advanced dual flash memory
camcorder manufactured by Canon till date and features an exceptional 10x
optical zoom, 8 megapixel Full High Definition CMOS image sensor, HD video lens
and DIGIC DV III processor. The users can expect a guaranteed visual feast like
never before with the device! Also comprising a Dynamic Optical Image
Stabiliser and Powered Image Stabiliser, you will be treated to a steady,
professional picture at all times, even if you do suffer the occasional hand
Not only does the Legria
HF S21 High Definition Flash Camcorder boast a massive 64GB internal memory, it
also features dual SDHC too, giving you the option of recording onto memory
cards. The device is really simple to use, thanks to its Smart Auto and touch screen
technologies. There is a Custom Key option the gadget that allows you to make
shortcuts to your most frequently used features. Look no further than the Canon
Legria HF S21 High Definition Flash Camcorder and be ready to get results that
will truly take your breath away.
The camcorder comes equipped
with numerous useful and sophisticated features such as Video Capture Sensor
(in pixels), 1/2.6 type CMOS 8.59 megapixel Media, 64 GB internal flash memory,
SDHC cards Viewfinder, 3.5 inches widescreen, Multiangle Vivid LCD Sensitivity,
approx. 0.3 lux (Low Light Mode), 10x optical zoom, 200x / 40x selectable digital
zoom, image stabiliser, and auto focus. The
25p film-like setting adds shooting versatility and produces high-end visuals.
The dual
SDHC slots of CANON Legria HF S21 make it possible to
record the video clippings to memory cards. The relay recording feature automatically
detects when one storage medium is full and the device automatically switches recording
to the other. There is a microphone input and a headphone jack incorporated within
a Canon LEGRIA HF S21 along with a configurable Mic Attenuator compensates for
sudden volume changes.
Legria HF S21 is not
a compact camcorder but the delivers superior results. Users can also tweak,
change and play with features to better serve the type of images they want to
create. This device does not fall into the category of cheap cameras and is very
sophisticated that requires time and dedication to create the best results. It is
recommended for the professionals as beginners or casual users may find it a
bit complicated.
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How To Jumpstart Your Hobby With Photography

Author: Dr. Shawni Groezinger

Pictures are lifetime remembrances of the best days spent with special people. They are important reminders of those extraordinary days and moments when a person feels like going back to the old times. People sometimes think that only DSLR cameras can take great pictures. While there is truth in this statement with the quality of picture that DSLR can take, one can also make use of one of the best compact cameras available. In fact, you probably might already have one in your handbag now, ready for the next moment to capture. Having this type of camera will prevent spending hundreds of dollars for one DSLR while the potential photographer is still in the learning stage. The thing that matters is the ability to capture the paramount photo shot with your best compact camera.
As a beginner, you can start with a compact camera before deciding what professional type to use. This will help one familiarize themselves with the manners and techniques that can be employed while taking pictures. Also, it will facilitate easy learning while becoming acquainted with the parts of the camera like the aperture, depth of field, lens and other important parts that are needed for basic photography. Familiarize yourself with the features of the compact camera so that you will be satisfied with the quality of the photos. It is true that the photographer makes his/her subject. The subject itself has good angles but it always depends upon the sense of art and creativity of the photographer.
Certainly, it is uninteresting to study the instruction manual starting from cover to cover. One would eventually get tired about reading the direction regarding the uses of every part and feature of the camera; but there is no better way to learn. On the other hand, the internet is one of the best resources that can teach a potential photographer about useful techniques in using their camera. Browsing the net can lead to websites that offer tutorials for beginners to intermediate photography. After learning about the basics, explore your unit and navigate the menus so you can quickly apply all the lessons just learned.
Moreover, through the aid of the internet, one doesn't have to personally attend lectures on photography. Photography is actually interesting although others may often describe it as an expensive hobby. Start your career by practicing snapping pictures using your best compact camera and making all of your surroundings the subjects of your photographs.
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Learn exciting photographic tips from professional photo labs

Author: Bhrat Brij

There are many digital printing companies that offering skilled digital photo printing services. These services are very valuable for a large range of businesses. In digital photography, the photos are printed from a PC rather than a slide or photograph. Professional digital photo printing is a technology of low creation cost that permits connecting of the printing process to computers. Professional photo labs services trader gives quality service in the well organized method. Professional photo printing is totally dissimilar than printing at home. These printers have extra capability to handle a much large capacity of printing than the printer that comes with your home computer
Our all photos appear from professional photo labs. These days we all use digital cameras for camera work. When you purchase a digital camera print you will possibly get peak quality pictures back which would be true to the colours in the real photo. A professional lab photo printer is very dissimilar to the type you buy for your house. Skill of art is not left behind with the increasing progress in new technology. As the cost of art are increasing to great art is regularly becoming unaffordable to numerous. Now a day many painting house are going to change into print technique to keep up with the fashion of making art inexpensive and amicable.
Printmaking includes the process of art making by printing, typically on paper. It distinct as a print of original job except is not defined as a painting. Each print of the real work is same in gloom and imaging as the natural work. Different types of printing procedure are offered in market place. Fine art printing and professional photo labs track certain main rules to get high-quality prints. You can achieve excellent print of the original barely if it can be print of a high quality. In market there are many computer software and techniques used to modify and balance the colours in the photo shoot, like Photoshop method. It is excellent thing to have a best initialize with a good photo to retain the clean and make practice of the natural work. Low-quality images all time use inferior cameras would offer distorted and dim images on increasing the level of the photo.
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